Author Appearances

Leadership Lab Podcast with Dr. Patrick Leddin

Reggie discusses Perseverance Through Severe Dysfunction with Dr. Patrick Leddin. On this episode, Reggie talks about how to deal with challenges that arise during business and how to overcome them.

Conversation with Jamie Rosenstein Wittman

Reggie sits down with Jamie Rosenstein Wittman, ex-Googler (Product Inclusion, People Analyst, & People Development), current MBA candidate, and storyteller of the lives and work of leaders across industries. In this interview, Reggie discusses his inspiration behind writing PTSD, tips for overcoming trauma and addressing mental health, and the importance of mentorship.  

Colloquium Podcast by Excelsior Capital with Brain C. Adams

Reggie discusses Perseverance Through Severe Dysfunction with Brian C. Adams. On this episode, they also dive into a conversation abut code switching, the power of education and networking, and connecting with people on a genuine level. 

Experience Mental Health Podcast with Eric Capehart and Dez Perry

On this episode, Eric and Dez chat with entrepreneur, philanthropist, mental health advocate, and social activist Reggie Ford. They discuss Reggie's new book “Perseverance Through Severe Dysfunction: Breaking the Curse of Intergenerational Trauma as a Black Man in America”, some of his childhood traumas that inspired the book, and also how to overcome your own childhood traumas.

ESPN Nashville Radio with Kevin Ingram, Commodore Hour

Reggie Ford joins host, Kevin Ingram, to discuss playing football at Vanderbilt University, his Nashville based company, and his new book, Perseverance Through Severe Dysfunction. 

Conversations with Commodores with Bernard Nomberg

Reggie Ford is a man on a mission. An alum of Montgomery Bell Academy, Ford walked on and immediately made an impact on the Commodores program. At corner, #26 was coached up by some Vanderbilt legends, Casey Hayward and Chris Marve. Playing for Coaches Johnson, Caldwell and Franklin, Reggie was competitive on and off the field. He also completed two degrees - economics and accountancy. Reggie, also a published author, currently utilizes his degrees as Founder and President of RoseCrate Wealth Management. 

cityCurrent Radio/TV Show with Jeremy Park

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with entrepreneur, philanthropist, mental health advocate, and social activist, Reggie D. Ford, who is the author of “Perseverance Through Severe Dysfunction: Breaking the Curse of Intergenerational Trauma as a Black Man in America.” During the interview, Reggie shares some of his background, what led him to write the book, and some of the major takeaways he hopes readers experience. Reggie also discusses the power of sports in his life, playing football at Vanderbilt University, becoming an entrepreneur, his commitment to giving back and serving on nonprofit boards, and much more.

What's the Mathematics Podcast with Jeff McGruder

On this episode, Reggie Ford discusses how forgiveness and grace can lead to healing. It is possible to both love and hate someone at the same time. Reggie also discusses highlights and achievements from his early career from graduating college at Vanderbilt University to working for a Big 4 accounting firm and starting his own wealth management company.  

Tennessee Voices Videocast with David Plazas

Todd Campbell and Reggie Ford on mentorship and empowerment.


Stressors like mental illness and poverty can create real and perceived barriers to accomplishing success. On this episode of Tennessee Voices, Campbell and Ford discuss their lives, how they overcame struggles and how others can too. We also spoke about the current conversations on achieving racial justice and how they might be sustained and also how to engage someone who does not think racism exists.​​ 

Smart Business Dealmakers with Dustin Klein

Ford spoke on the Smart Business Dealmakers Podcast about dealmaking, race and the mental health challenges many minority entrepreneurs, investors, and employees face from their life experiences and why open dialogue can lead to a stronger and more prosperous business community. 

Her Vision Podcast with Sydney Seabaugh

On this Episode, Reggie Ford discusses how he persevered through severe dysfunction and broke the curse of intergenerational trauma as a black man in America. We discuss how to be resilient through challenges and not let trauma define your future

Beyond the Negotiation with Sam Tiger & Hygens Succes

Sam Tiger and Succes welcome CEO of RoseCrete Wealth Management and soon-to-be published author of Perseverance Through Severe Dysfunction (PTSD), Reggie Ford to the show. They discuss the importance of financial management in athletic careers, how athletes can the most out of their finances, and why you might want to reconsider that Lambo.