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In Reggie Ford’s bold reassessment of the Black experience in America, he demonstrates that a new understanding of PTSD is required. PTSD, Perseverance Through Severe Dysfunction, as Ford defines it, underlines the darkness of mental health illnesses and behaviors that impact young Black men and have plagued Black Americans for generations.


But his reassessment is not doom and gloom. Instead, Ford implores that we turn pain into peace. His uplifting message shows that by realizing, accepting, and treating mental health with grace, kindness, and appreciation of the backgrounds of those needing support, we can reduce the significant impact of PTSD and other mental conditions on not just Black, but all people.


Ford uses his own traumatic experiences to inform his call to action. He takes his impoverished and scarred childhood and turns it into a life of promise and abundance. His memoir shines a light on the intergenerational impact of unaddressed mental health issues, showing how the power of a familial network can help or severely harm an individual’s battle with mental health illnesses. He writes searingly of the overwhelming odds and systemic racism that must be overcome by Black Americans in order to reach the heights he has scaled. Ford’s own heartbreaking story is yet an optimistic one, intended to show that mental health has a real and demonstrable effect on Black Americans, but that it can be overcome.


PTSD places one man’s experiences in the realm of the broad sociopolitical issues that affect so many Americans. Ford emphasizes that the trauma of society creates situations of mental health issues and behaviors that hold back so many. But he also believes there is room for hope, that his own experiences of overcoming so many hardships and difficulties offer a path for others to follow. Immense suffering, Ford believes, can lead to improbable success.



“Reggie Ford has written a brilliant account of his personal journey from pain to peace. But more than just the fascinating story of one young man’s battles with the generational traumas associated with racism and poverty in America, PTSD is a primer on just how deeply embedded those traumas are in our society and the factors that perpetuate them. Reggie writes with equal honesty and introspection when recounting his family’s encounters with addiction, abuse, teen pregnancy, gun violence and homelessness as he does when exposing prejudice, tokenism, and white privilege. At one level, this is an important book about persevering through dysfunction. At another, it is a well-sourced call to understand and solve the larger mental health, criminal justice, educational, and wealth inequalities facing the country.”

—  Andrew Maraniss, New York Times bestselling author of STRONG INSIDE

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REGGIE D. FORD is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, mental health advocate, and social activist. A first-generation college graduate of Vanderbilt University, he runs RoseCrete Wealth Management and speaks to audiences about financial empowerment, overall wellness, and the importance of diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility. Ford lives in Nashville, TN, with his wife Katie and their Rottweiler, Rosie. 


June 16, 2021

Leadership Lab Podcast with Dr. Patrick Leddin

Reggie discusses Perseverance Through Severe Dysfunction with Dr. Patrick Leddin. On this episode, Reggie talks about how to deal with challenges that arise during business and how to overcome them.

June 9, 2021

Conversation with Jamie Rosenstein Wittman

Reggie sits down with Jamie Rosenstein Wittman, ex-Googler (Product Inclusion, People Analyst, & People Development), current MBA candidate, and storyteller of the lives and work of leaders across industries. In this interview, Reggie discusses his inspiration behind writing PTSD, tips for overcoming trauma and addressing mental health, and the importance of mentorship.  

June 2, 2021

Colloquium Podcast by Excelsior Capital with Brian C. Adams

Reggie discusses Perseverance Through Severe Dysfunction with Brian C. Adams. On this episode, they also dive into a conversation abut code switching, the power of education and networking, and connecting with people on a genuine level. 


  • Conversation with Andrew Maraniss hosted by Parnassus Books
    Jun 22, 6:00 PM CDT
    Virtual Event
    Parnassus Books is pleased to welcome Reggie D. Ford, author of Perseverance Through Severe Dysfunction: Breaking the Curse of Intergenerational Trauma as a Black Man in America, in conversation with Andrew Maraniss. This is a virtual event which will take place on the Parnassus Books Facebook page


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